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How to move away from Vimeo


Please note, you can only do this on a PC or a phone web browser.

This CANNOT be completed on a PHONE APP.


1. After you have signed into Vimeo hover over the blue smiley face and then click “Settings” If you are using a phone browser please first refer to the additional instructions at step 5


 2. On the next screen click "Billing"

3. Click "Purchases" and then click unsubscribe.
4.  Now click "Payment Methods and click the “X” that the arrow is pointing to, this will delete your card from Vimeo. and your subscription will end when your next payment would have been due You can continue to watch Spedeworth TV videos on Vimeo until that time. You may get emails from Vimeo encouraging you to stay, just ignore them.


How to access the above screens on a phone web browser.

5.  You may have to click the Vimeo "V" first and then "My Feed" or you may be immediately at step 6

6. Click the search icon.




7.  Search for "Account Settings"



8.  Click the link in "Looking for your account settings?



9. Click "Settings"


Now go back up to Step 2